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Phone: (914) 363-0038

Westchester county TLC
Permit number: 00209-14

NYSDOT: 39321

USDOT: 2549504

Federal MC: 888608


MLTransit Company of New York

Phone: (914) 363-0038

Address: 110 Pearsall Drive, Mount Vernon, NY 10552



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Q: What is a toll?

A: A toll is a fee vehicles pay when they go through bridges or tunnels or sometimes when passing certain toll areas on highways.

Q: How much is the toll to Laguardia, JFK, & Newark Airport?

A: Our luxury sedan is only $16 to Laguardia and JFK  and only $20 to Newark Airport.

Q: Do you provide car/infant seats?

A: Yes we are happy to provide car/infant seats for your youngsters.  To ensure availability, please make reservations for car/infant seats at least 12 hours in advance.

Q: When do I have to pay parking fees?

A: Parking fees are applied when we park at the airport to go inside the terminal to meet and greet our passengers.  Other events where parking fees apply include parking for an event in order to pick up or to drop off passengers.  Please be sure to ask us if a parking fee may be applied to your service an all inquiries will be handled on a case by case basis.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: We service the Westchester, New York, NYC, and the NY Tri-state, and inter state areas.

Q: Can I smoke in the vehicle?

A: No, smoking is prohibited in all vehicles licensed by TLC or the STATE.

Q: Do you allow pets in your vehicles?

A: Yes.  Per the state policy, all pets we transprot must be in a secure pet carrier at all times.

Q; What should I do when I land at the airport?

A: Call us as soon as you land.   we will then have your driver pick you up where you collect your luggage.  If you reserve "Meet & Greet Service," your driver will be waiting at the exit of the customs area with a "Meet & Greet" sign.  The  driver will also have your number on file.  If for any reason you cannot reach your driver, please call us.

Q: What is "Meet & Greet Service"?

A: "Meet & Greet Service" is when the driver parks the car and meets you inside the airport with a "Meet & Greet" sign.  Once we meet you, we will also assist with your luggage as we take you to the vehicle.

Q: Will I be charged if my flight is delayed?

A: No, if your flight is delayed and is posted on the airline website, you will not be charged.  Once the flight does land, you will have 30 minutes (for domestic flights) and 45 minutes (for international flights) at no charge in order to alert us of your landing and for us to locate you.  After the free courtesy delay waiver, (30 minutes for domestic flights and 45 minutes for international flights,) we will charge wait time.

Q: Are you a licensed carrier?

A: Yes MLTRansit Limo is fully license by federal, state & county agencies.

Q: Is it possible to get a vehicle going out of town for one way trip?

A: If it's a one way trip no, that will be a flat rate- but you can have it by the hour there' will be a base charge plus hourly rate plus a minimum number of hours round trip is when chauffeur take you somewhere wait for you and take you back e.g. To the mall to shop wait for your return.

Q: Is the hourly rate in NYC the same as going of town?

A: No, you'll get a better rate in NY five boroughs, out of town we charge travel time.

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