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Westchester county TLC
Permit number: 00209-14

NYSDOT: 39321

USDOT: 2549504

Federal MC: 888608


All rates are subject to change without notice.

12 Passenger Van

interior leather seats

12 Passengers Van with Leather Seats

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Please Note:

  • Rates do not include tolls, taxes or gratuity.
  • Rates also do not include any parking fees, if applicable.

For Mini Buses, Vans or SUVs, or Out of State rates, please contact our office:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (914) 363-0038

Major Holidays

  • When booking travel on major holidays there will be a $30 surcharge placed on sedans. 
  • An additional $15 will be added for any pick up between 4:00pm-6:00pm and 12:00am-7:00am.

Hourly Rates

  • Sedan $60/hour (3 hour minimum)
  • SUV $80/hour (3 hour minimum
  • Vans 10-14 passengers  $95-$110/hour (3 hour minimum)
  • Mini Buses 20-25 passengers $135-$160/hour (4 hour minimum)

Rates shown are minimum hourly rates, additional fees may apply for tolls, parking fees. Gratuity is not included and greatly appreciated.


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  • Mount Vernon to -JFK $86/ laguardia $71/HPN Westchester Airport $71/ teterboro $99/Newark$118
  • White Plains -to JFK $117/ LGA $105/ HPN Westchester Airport $69 /teterboro$115 /Newark $137/ NYC 42nd St & Lower $130/ NYC 42nd St. & Uptown $118
  • Bronxville to JFK $95/ LGA $5/ HPN Westchester Airport $74/teterboro$108/Newark $122
  • York Town Heights to JFK $158/ LGA $145/ Newark $179/ NYC 42nd St & Lower $170/ NYC 42nd St. & Uptown $156
  • Greenwich to JFK $120LGA $109/HPN Westchester Airport $84/ teterboro$120/Newark $144
  • Tarry town to JFK $119/ LGA $110/ HPN Westchester Airport $ 80 / Newark $142
  • Ardsley to JFK $102LGA $91/HPN Westchester Airport $74 / teterboro$114/Newark $ 130
  • Bedford to JFK $143 LGA $133HPN Westchester Airport $ 87/ teterboro$134/Newark $ 169 /NYC 42nd St & Lower $ 155/ NYC 42nd St. & Uptown $144
  • Stamford to JFK $146/LGA $134/HPN Westchester Airport $ 89 / Newark $1169
  • Rye to JFK $103/ LGA $93 /teterboro 115/ Newark 132/ HPN$71
  • Mount kisko to-JFK $145 /LGA$133 /teterboro$139 /newark$172 / HPN$91
  • Pound ridge- JFK $147 HPN $93 /LGA $135/ Newark $171/ teterboro $144
  • Armonk- JFK $126 / LGA $115 HPN$90/ newark$149/ teterboro $122
  • Pelham- JFK $93 / LGA $80/ teterboro $116/ Newark $129
  • HPN- midtown NYC 42nd st $136
  • If you don't see your area, call us, we go anywhere!

*Airport rates are for sedans ONLY starting at $69.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

We offer free waiting time at airports as follows:

  • Private Flights -  15 minutes
  • Domestic Flights - 30 minutes
  • International Flights - 45 minutes


13 Passenger, No Luggage

13 Passenger Van

Suburban, 6 Passengers, 6 Luggage

6 Passenger Suburban

Sedan, 3 Passanger, 3 Luggage

3 Passenger Sedan

25 Passenger Mini Coach, 25 Luggage

25 Passenger Mini Coach

Mercedes Sprinter, 14 Passenger

14 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter

10 Passenger Van, 10 Luggage

10 Passenger Van

Q7 Infinity, Passengers, 6 Luggage

6 Passenger Q7 Infinity

12 Passenger Van

12 Passenger Van

55 Passenger Bus

55 Passenger Bus


All transportation operated by (MLTransit) and its affiliates (MLT) is subject to the following terms of service by agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the conditions and use listed below. 

By agreeing to these terms of service you also confirm that you understand how our service works.


  • Reservations for trips to airports are valid only for the time specified at the time of booking.
  • MLTRansit is not responsible for late cancellations or unused reservations.
  • When changing a pick up our drop off location rates are subject to change.
  • Additional charges may apply, we are not responsible for customer errors resulting in unused reservations, missed events or missed flights on the time.
  • The booking customer must provide phone number in the event our chauffeur needs to call for assistance during the process of pickup.
  • Chauffeurs are not required to call the customer in advance of the pickup. However, failure to provide a phone number for the day of travel may prevent our ability to provide service and may result in the possible forfeiture of the reservation.  The customer may also receive an additional notification call to the contact number in advance regarding reservation details.


Charter options include flat, and hourly rates.  Our point to point reservations require at least 24 hours notice to ensure availability.


At MLTransit, we understand your travel plans may change.  Cancellations must be made 8 hours in advance of the pick-up time to be eligible for a refund. 

To cancel a reservation, call: (914)363-0038.

  • MLTransit is unable to refund payment if canceled in less than 8 hours prior to pickup.
  • MLTransit is unable to refund payment in the event of a no-show.

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