For everyone having surgery this year, Incision Decisions prepares you for the entire process from finding a great surgeon to recovering well at home. With warmth and humor, fellow surgery patient and hospital advocate Kaye Newton gives you the inside scoop on what to really expect during a hospital stay and how to make life easier while recuperating.

Incision Decisions can help you :

  • Find the best hospital and surgeon.
  • Handle presurgery anxiety.
  • Determine how much help you will need after surgery and how to find it.
  • Advocate for yourself in the hospital so you can avoid a medical error.
  • Set realistic recovery goals and celebrate recovery milestones.
  • Manage the postoperative blues and stay positive during your recuperation.
  • Review your medical bills to make sure you haven't been overcharged by your healthcare providers.

Chock-full of useful advice, checklists, and planning tools, Incision Decisions is an invaluable guide for patients and their loved ones.

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