The Adobe Springs are the ONLY state –licensed water source in california that meets  the UN’s World Health Organization standard for magnesium content of having at least 25mg per/liter, in order to prevent heart disease and strokes.

MPWRH2O water contains 4 times this recommended amount of magnesium at 110 mg per/liter

The only water source on Earth that has this amount of naturally produced magnesium, without having harmful levels of Sodium, Acidity and other contaminants and particulates (less than .11 NT per/liter). “NT” is the measurement for clean water or “Turbidity” which is the degree to which water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particles.

“The ideal water is water that is high in magnesium and low in sodium” The Seven Pillars of Health.

Most filtered and bottled water provide little or no magnesium.

Magnesium helps maintain muscle and nerve function and keeps heart rhythm steady and bones strong. Researchers have found that magnesium is essential for many vital processes in the body including calcium utilization, cardiac function, maintaining blood pressure to the heart, suppressing unstable heart rhythms, energy production and relaxation of muscles & regulating over 300 enzymes, critical for today’s athlete and active lifestyle.


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