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I crouched in the shadow of a large tree with my knife held down low, cutting edge up. A shadow flitted in the darkness, and I heard the sound of cloth brushing on a limb. I tensed up and made ready to attack. Then I heard a low whisper, " Elijah." There was no mistaking that pretty voice of hers. " You're liable to get yourself killed sneaking around in the dark," I said a little more harshly than I intended.

" I'm sorry but I had to wait until Pa passed out. He watches over me like an old rooster watches over his hens." She stepped so close I could smell the honeysuckle soap on her and see the freckles splashed across her nose. She was looking right at me out of those big for eyes, her long black hair hung across her shoulders.

" I have something I want to give you before you leave."

When Elijah Cotton left Kentucky for the untamed Commancheria in search of gold, he found more than he bargained for. It was a land filled with savage Indians and even more savage white men. As events unfold, he realizes that the magic in a young maidens heart can mean more than any amount of gold.


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