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Independent Leak Detection

At Independent Leak Detection we have over 17 years of experience working in and around the entire San Francisco bay area. We service a customer base that includes:

  1. Homeowners and commercial property owners
  2. Plumbers (as well as other construction and maintenance services)
  3. Landscape contractors
  4. Real estate sales and services representatives
  5. Insurance claims adjusters

Independent Leak Detection is licensed and insured to operate in the state of California.

Water Leak Detection

If you discover or suspect you have a water leak, we are experienced professionals when it comes to locating underground pressurized water (and gas) leaks. We combine expertise and modern instrument technologies in a non-destructive inspection process that assures you of a quick and accurate resolution to your water leak issues, and at an affordable rate! We are the first step to solving your water leak problem.

We specialize in:

  1. Slab leaks (leaks on water supply pipes below slab/foundation)
  2. Water main service leaks on lines between the water meter and the house (or commercial building)
  3. Irrigation supply line leaks on domestic and most commercial properties
  4. Radiant heat system leaks (on pipes encased in the concrete slab)
  5. Gas leaks below ground and in walls and ceilings

Call us with any questions you might have about the inspection process.

Pipe Camera Survey

Sewer and storm drain lines tend to develop problems over time.., they back up! This can be due to blockage or collapse. We will inspect the interior of your sanitary sewer or storm drain pipe to determine its condition and can locate the exact path and depth of the pipe, pinpointing the area at issue and marking it at the surface. This kind of inspection can be done on indoor and outdoor sewer and storm drain lines where the pipe’s diameter is between 2” and 6”. Sanitary sewer pipe inspections should be a particular concern for people planning to purchase a new home. Our inspection will determine the condition of the sewer line and show any problems this system might have BEFORE you purchase the house. This type of survey is often required in some counties/cities prior to a home sale and will save a new home owner from any unforeseen problems that are likely to be very expensive as they emerge in the future. All surveys are recorded to DVD and given to the customer with a full written report.

Utility Location

Need to locate underground utilities before you dig or excavate? We can do that too! Water, Gas, Sanitary Sewer/Storm Drain, Electrical lines and conduits. We can locate the path and depth of metallic pipes (or non-metallic pipes with tracer wire) marking them at the surface to avoid damage or destruction of the utility before any digging begins. Sanitary sewer and storm lines are located using a “sonde” transmitter that is actually run into the pipe. No job too small!


Leak Detection: For many decades, houses all over California have been built on concrete slabs with the water supply lines (hot &cold) buried in the ground below the slab. It is only a matter of time before these pipes develop leaks and since they are pressurized, the leaks can become quite significant in a very short period of time wasting a valuable resource and costing the homeowner (or commercial building owner) a lot of money!

The leaks must be located before they can be repaired. Our standard method is to first determine if the leak is a hot or cold water leak. The path and depth of the pipe(s) is then located by attaching a transmitter to part of the exposed pipe and recovering the signal sent on the pipe with a hand-held receiver set to match the signal of the transmitter. The path and depth of the pipes are marked on the surface and then the water system is isolated (turned off) at its valve and charged up with carbon dioxide (CO2). When the CO2 begins leaking out of the buried pipe at pressure (usually 40-60 psi), an instrument similar to an electronic stethoscope,is used to listen for the leak on the surface of the slab. Once a strong “leak signal” is found the area is marked for excavation by a plumber who makes the repair.


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Please call us if you have any questions regarding the work we do and whether or not you require our services.

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