Reuter Hospitality Corp



Reuter Hospitality Corp provides unique services to update and renew commercial hospitality properties including hotels and nursing homes all over the US. We provide exceptional cosmetic renovations and eco-friendly energy solutions to ensure your property is not only attractive and welcoming, but also operates efficiently and effectively to reduce your energy costs and ecological footprint.


We are proud to present our joint venture with Global Utilities Group, a locally owned and operated renewable energy provider. We now have the resources to upgrade your property with contemporary style, design and energy infrastructure to truly create an up to date, modern, efficient facility.

Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment

Reuter Hospitality Corp has been partnering with hotels and nursing homes to decorate, update and revitalize their properties with furnishings, elegant design and exterior signage and promotion for over 44 years. We have the creative talent, logistical skill and vast experience required to recreate and renew the décor and design for your hospitality enterprise. We specialize in creating beauty and elegance in hotels and nursing homes all around the United States.

Solar Panel and Hybrid Wind Turbine Supplier

As licensed solar panel and Hybrid Wind Turbine suppliers, we are uniquely qualified to offer economic and environmentally sound solutions for your commercial hospitality business. We utilize only the highest quality Solar Panels and patented Hybrid Wind Turbines in partnership with Global Utilities Group. Whether you are look for a renewable energy source to power your lighted signage, or need an entire solar panel system to provide renewable energy for all of your electric needs, we have the technology, experience and skills required to redefine your energy structure and improve your bottom line.

Reuter Hospitality Corp is a trusted and reliable team of professionals devoted to earning your business with exceptional customer service and impressive results.  We will bring you the opportunity to upgrade your surroundings and promote your business with an economic and environmentally sound option.

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