Reuter Hospitality Corp


In recent years, Reuter Hospitality Corp has watched the energy structure in the US change significantly. Extensive research has been done in the electricity market and through this research most have concluded that the price of electricity has been and will steadily be increasing in the United States for many years to come. As a result, it is imperative that large industries, hospitality businesses especially, find renewable energy sources to power their businesses and aid in cost savings moving forward. Global Utilities Group has evaluated the Southern Florida region and found solar and wind energy to be the best solution to offset steadily increasing energy cost.

That is why Reuter Hospitality Corp has partnered with Global Utilities Group, to provide renewable energy systems to our current and future customers to ensure long term efficiency and lasting energy solutions.



Hybrid Wind Turbine

A new patented technology, Hybrid Wind Turbines are an exciting renewable energy source with significant incentives. The most common use for the Hybrid Wind Turbine currently, is to power commercial signage and parking lot lights. With the increasing costs of electricity, many hotels and businesses need to cut back on the illumination to their business which results in less promotion and even encourages some safety issues.

With the Hybrid Wind Turbines, however, businesses can now provide their own energy required to light their signs and provide much needed lighting at night in parking lots and other areas, without the use of paying for electricity. While the Hybrid Wind Turbines do require payment for infrastructure, the benefits will outweigh the costs, not only in continuous renewable energy, but in government incentives as well. Signage powered by the renewable energy of our patented Hybrid Wind Turbines are exempt from local zoning laws. This means your sign can be higher, brighter and bigger to catch the eye of your customers and outshine the competition.

Solar Panel Systems

A well utilized and long proven tool for renewable energy, we have the supply and infrastructure to design, install and tailor your solar panel system specifically to your business requirements. From parking lot coverings, to roofing panels, our customized packages will provide you with the security and independence to your business when the electricity grid fails.



ROI - Investing in solar and wind has never been better. With the combination of the lowest installed cost in history and the ever increasing cost of electricity, current returns on investment range from as little at 4-6 years.


Financial Stability - Current electricity cost are increasing by an average of 4% annually nationwide. By purchasing a Hybrid power system you are able to lock in your rates for the next 25 years and beyond.


Security & Independence - Solar and wind power systems give every business the opportunity to own their Utility by providing the power required on location. In the event of a power outage, solar and wind power protects your business from being left in the dark.


25 Year Manufacture Warranty - Long term warranty programs guarantee the energy production giving owners peace of mind in their investment.

Federal Tax Incentives - The United States currently has a 30% federal tax credit that allows you to apply those savings directly to your tax returns. This credit has been set to phase out over the next 5 years.