Rogan Concrete Cutting Inc. has created its trucks, equipment and dispatch to increase the production on your job. With its high powered saws we can cut up to 24” asphalt or concrete. For interior work our electric saws are your answer, we can design a removal job for your interior renovation without creating noise, dust, or vibration. From jobs large to small , Rogan Concrete Coring and Sawing can get your job done right.


Rogan Concrete Cutting Inc. has your core drilling answer. We can core any diameter, depth, or angle through reinforced concrete that you need. We go deeper than others even think of going. Our trucks are set up with the most sophisticated diamond tools available in the market today. Our operators are trained in the up most manner, getting your job done right.​​


Rogan Concrete Cutting Inc. has your wall sawing needs met. If you need a precise dimensional opening in your concrete structure we got you covered.


Whether it be soft or hard demo, Rogan Concrete Cutting Inc. has the expertise and the knowledge for your project. Our management team can and will work with you to meet your needs as well as your time constraints. One call does it all….


Ground Penetrating Radar is used to detect what's inside concrete walls and slabs-so you can avoid hitting rebar, live wire, conduit, pipe, utility's, or post-tensioning wire while drilling, cutting, or coring holes to avoid an injury, delay, or damage to a concrete structure.

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