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H. Edward Schmidt

H. Edward Schmidt


DSCF0344H. Edward spent most of his life working for the Federal Government. He served in the US Army in Germany, in the Peace Corps in Washington and Ethiopia and later as a member of the Congressional Research Service in Washington.

Edward wrote of his time in the military, “In Germany in the 1950’s, it was the height of the Cold War with the USSR. We spent our off hours in beer halls and had time to see Paris, Rome, London and Brussels. Free room and board and MATS flights, you could do a lot with $130 a month. The rest of the time staying busy, firing ranges, maneuvers, spit and polishing our boots and brassoeing our belt buckles. We never saw any Russians.” And of his time with the Peace Corps in Washington and Ethiopia:“We had offices on Lafayette Square, across from the White House. It was a beautiful Fall day. When I returned from lunch, the Peace Corps Medical Director called me into his office. Joe Gallagher, a great guy. I remember his face was very white. After he sat down he looked at me. ‘The President has been shot.’ Remember that the Peace Corps was very important to President Kennedy and his brother in law, Sarge Shriver ran it for him. So many of the idealists that worked to make Kennedy president worked for the Peace Corps. The whole building was in shock. In Ethiopia in the 60’s, like all over the world, revolution was in the air and students were in the streets. Less than a decade later, the dynasty that began with the birth of Menelik, the love child of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba was gone.Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Kings, the Lion of Judah, was dead.”

It is Edward’s passion for world history and our place in it that seems to inspire his novels of people performing on the turbulent and often violent twentieth century stage.But he does not limit himself to historical fiction as you will see from the novel 95 and the soon to be finished-Rescue on Blue Mountain.


Black Lion Cover200x300

The Black Lion and the Crocodile

A military coup removes the Ethiopian Emperor and civil war rocks the country. When one of his students is killed by the Nebelbah, “Wolfie” Steinbach, Peace Corp Volunteer and Korean War hero, makes a fateful choice ….

Your Land is OUr Land 200x300

Your Land is Our Land

With a world war looming and Arabs rebelling in Palestine, daring and heroic men and women in America and Palestine find they must join forces to secure peace in Palestine and prevent a cataclysmic world war. They have a daring plan…

The Circle ebook cover

The Circle

The story of two families, the Latif’s and the Poletsky’s living as neighbors in Jerusalem at a time of growing tension between Arabs and Jews. Friends since childhood, Sarah and Yitzhak Poletsky and Ismael Latif find their bond tested...

The Rift ebook cover

The Rift

Little Willie is kidnapped by a vengeful Arab slave trader. Thus begins the lifelong search by the Von Mecklenburg family for their lost son across three continents and in a world torn apart by war and revolution. Hope is restored when a dying man reveals a secret ….

95 cover200x300


The Maryland State Police mount Operation Interdict to stop the flow of drugs south on Interstate 95. Stopping it and bringing down the mastermind is very personal for city cop Myron Spiegelman and State Troopers Billy Mitchell and LaDon Morris. ….


Edward plans to publish the first of his children’s Blue Mountain books; the story of Fluffy, a young Shropshire sheep born a cripple and his closest friend Rosie, a young Guernsey cow.They vow to climb the mysterious Blue Mountain together.