ffodils is a company that delights in noticing nature’s fine details, and its outpour of quality and beauty. The artwork created by Helen Jennings represents her sensitive and thoughtful study of a subject matter. It is also indicative of her admiration and respect for nature, animals, and all that is entrusted to us. Her work is a gift of gratitude for the glory and splendor found in the reaches of our world, and it's her expression of, "the wonder of it all."


Jennings carefully chooses pieces from her fine art collection that is digitally printed on fabric to create the highest quality art pillow. Every step in fabrication is carried out with meticulous attention to detail keeping beauty, fine art and excellence in mind.

A phone call or email is welcome at:

Tel: (406) 833-0406
Email: helen@ffodils.com
Website: ffodils.com