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Over 55 years ago, a young man named John T. Kott had a desire and a dream to bring forth a new industry that is today called “Porcelain Reglazing” or more commonly known as “Bathtub Reglazing.” John T. Kott not only invented the reglazing industry, but continues to lead the reglazing industry with millions of units being Kott Koated around the world.

Kott Koatings developed a process that can actually restore a worn bathroom or kitchen fixture such as bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile walls, fiberglass surfaces and countertops without removing the item. That’s right, all work is done ON LOCATION (In-Situ) without disturbing the walls, floors or plumbing fixtures surrounding that fixture.

For example, you can actually take a worn, damaged, hard to clean bathtub and actually give it new life by repairing and resurfacing it with the Kott Koatings Exclusive KV40 Glazes. These special glazes are used only by Authorized Kott Koatings Dealers around the world to give these old fixtures a whole new look. The KV40 GLAZES are the ONLY glaze of its kind and is the ONLY glaze actually developed specifically for the porcelain refinishing field. They are also the ONLY glazes developed and tested to be both SAFE and NON-TOXIC for the most stringent of surfaces.

The Kott Koatings process allows an Authorized Dealer to actually restore these worn fixtures in a matter of hours, not days or weeks with tearing out the same fixture and putting a new one in. Minimal downtime, minimal debris, virtually no inconvenience to your customers. The low cost and short downtime and safe for the family three of the greatest assets a customer can ask for.

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