Stylessence Fashion Consulting

Personal Shopper

Not into shopping but looking to get dolled up for a special occasion or event? Sure! Stylessence will do all the work for you including outfit coordination according to your style reference gathered from the style survey.

Value at $50 an hour

Personal Style Consulting

A select number of clothing stores including department and clothing boutiques are selected for you based on the completion of your style survey. Upon your arrival at the store, three outfits are already coordinated for you to start out with. Your style preferences, budget, and goals are then combined for an ideal shopping experience. We will shop together to find the best pieces that fit your style goal and discuss outfit scenarios. All of this will give you the knowledge to incorporate your new pieces into your wardrobe, including tips on how to wear them.

Value at $35 an hour

Wardrobe Planning

Do you need guidance in bringing the best out of your closet? If so, this service is for you! We will start out with organizing different types of clothing and accessories as I educate you on colour, texture and pattern combinations to outfit your creation, and discuss outfit scenarios so you know how and when to wear it all!

Value $40 an hour

To request a service, a minimum of 2 hours is required.

Take advantage of the current promotion! First hour free!