Hager Farms

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Hager Farms

Our mission is to provide local and non-local residents with organic and non-gmo grass fed beef and lamb without the use of hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We use small amounts of non-gmo feeds to produce a higher-grade meat for tenderness in the beef and lamb. If it becomes necessary to use any antibiotics for the welfare of our animals, we then sell the animal to the commercial meat market once the animal is healthy. We are dedicated to raising our animals from birth to processing in an environmentally sustainable fashion with strict care and attention to our animals and their wellbeing. We use Brahman influenced cattle because they are more disease and parasite resistant so the need for medicines to keep them healthy is not needed. We want the public to experience the difference in locally USDA certified processed meats without the worry of what harmful chemicals or medication have been given to the livestock. We are a single-family owned farm established in 2013 located in the Northeast corner of Gordon County, Ga. By purchasing from us, you are supporting a small family farm that strives to provide the public with grass fed products that you and your family can trust.


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