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"Helping Healthcare Facilities Locate and Recover Their Lost Money"

About Us

We have recovered millions of dollars for our client Nursing Homes from Medicare (part B) for the services and supplies they had already rendered to their residents. We are a company that has worked with Senior Living Properties and collected $700,000 to $800,000 every year for almost seven years. Legend Healthcare also had almost the same amount every year for six years, till they were acquired by other companies. Recently, for Immanuel Healthcare in Fort Worth Texas (one facility) $75,000, and for Uvalde Healthcare (one facility) we recovered $132,000, and much more for many others at no cost to them.

You may say you have a department that does the same. That’s what everyone has said.  Let me assure you, even though you have a very competent A/R department, there are still a lot of reimbursable items that are being missed.

What you benefit:

  • Recovery of substantial amounts of money without spending your own.
  • Tax write-offs of thousands of dollars.
  • Your time and resources saved while we do all the work.
  • Expenses turned into revenue, reflecting on your bottom line.

You have NOTHING to lose. If we recover any money we get paid, if we do not recover anything you will owe us nothing. Give us a chance to prove our claim.