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Medicare and Medicaid are constantly reducing reimbursement rates. Whereas the prices of vital supplies continue to rise, making it harder on nursing home operators to provide quality care.

Many operators cut expenses to survive, but where do you make the cuts? Do you scrimp on food, staff or nursing supplies? We do not see any areas that can be reduced without compromising the quality of resident’s care.

We have found a way to help nursing facilities. It may not solve all their financial problems, but it will help a great deal.

My name is Sam Gill. I am an LNFA and DME supplier. With the combination of my education, 26 years of experience and knowledge, I have found a way to help nursing facilities recover substantial amounts of money for the services and supplies they have been providing to their residents.

We understand and know that every company or facility has its own collections department which does what is required as all the facilities and companies we have helped. We are not suggesting that they are incompetent; on the contrary. We know that they work very hard with the tools they have available. Along with their facility and other responsibilities, they hardly have time to attend all the seminars and read all the publications that Medicare publishes. And even if they did all that, 90% of the time Medicare does not voluntarily disclose the information for everything that they cover.

An incontinent resident is quite an expense for a facility with diapers, soiled linens, laundry expenses, and not to mention offensive odors. You will be quite surprised to find the same incontinent resident may mean $500 to $700 a month to a facility. We can help any company, just as we have helped many others recover thousands of dollars for the past service and supplies they have used.


Our service will NOT cost any money to a facility.
We charge a percentage of the collected amount.

If we fail to recover any money, the facility will owe us NOTHING.

What our clients say about our services:

MRC has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for Senior Living Properties that would have been lost otherwise. It was at NO COST to our company.

Janie Spector (controller) James Rogers CEO SLP.

MRC has been very helpful in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for Legend Health Care every year. We highly recommend them for back-billing services. Nothing came out of our account for their services.

Woody Martin (controller) Dwight Muse CFO

MRC has been very helpful in collecting a substantial amount of funds from Medicare for our company. No money out of my pocket.

David Buyers, Homestead Health Care facilities.

Our only regret is that we did not find them sooner. We were not even aware of tens of thousands of dollars they collected for us. We always thought our A/R department was collecting every penny that could be collected, but we were proved wrong. To us their service had not cost a dime.

Maya Healthcare LLC

MRC was responsible for identifying and recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for us. These funds would have been lost had MRC not been involved. They are very easy to work with, NON-OBTRUSIVE when in our facilities. We are pleased to have worked with them. We paid them when we got paid.

Healthcare Solutions.

We received substantial amounts of monies for items that we were not aware were billable. We would gladly recommend the services of MRC to anyone in the Industry.

Brian Thomas, Immanuel Health care.