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"Helping Healthcare Facilities Locate and Recover Their Lost Money"

What We Do

Your company will have our services without spending a dime or a second of your time.

Our Services

Medicare Recovery Consultants propose the following:

  1. Independently collect data for items that can be billed from records of past and current residents of your facility.
  2. Prepare and submit claims to Medicare.
  3. Follow up for payments and appeal in case of any dispute.
  4. Maintain and safeguard all billing records.
  5. Keep the accountant/administrator informed of all account activities.
  6. In the event of an audit on the MRC submitted claims, aid facility and the auditors.
  7. In the event of a refund to Medicare for overpayment or wrong payment on MRC submitted claims, reimburse its share to the facility.
  8. To maintain professional and ethical values during all its communications with the facility.

The facility will have control of all records and payments at all times.