Disabled Veteran Funds

Disabled Veterans Funds

For The Suffering Veteran - Our Forgotten Heroes

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Welcome to Disabled Veterans Funds

For The Suffering Veteran - Our Forgotten Heroes:

Today’s, men and women in the armed forces are facing consistent let downs from our Veterans Association and on so many different levels! Clearly, they are running the VA as a business and have forgotten how to take care of those who have been and still faithful - in defending our nation!

Some of the problems we are facing include low quality of care and life provided, by their regulations. As well as their high premiums for our Veterans!

I am here today fighting for what we all deserve! Our US Veterans have served our nation and put our lives on the line for what we believe in while the VA consistently puts our lives on hold and doing so, hoping that we will all walk away quietly!

The majority of our Vets are dealing with injuries both physically and mentally. and the irony is that if we were civilians seeking help, the quality would be held at the utmost highest standards. There is something terribly wrong with this!

I speak on behalf of all of us, as I am disabled Veteran myself who sustained multiple injuries while on duty. For 11 years now I have been told that I have to pay in full, out of pocket for surgeries that I desperately need. My recourse is do nothing, live in pain and deal with the cards that had been dealt to me. The bottom line is, I just cannot afford the premiums that the VA requires.

The disabledvetransfunds.com is designed to bring awareness for those who are struggling and to those who can help. Your generous donation will help a multitude of Veterans and their families who are struggling on so many different levels and simply cannot see these problems through on their own.

The bottom line is, that we all deserve a dignified life! Your donations will go to helping our Veterans start a business, or helping those who are homeless. Helping our Veterans come to know God, those that desperately need medical care and cannot afford it and for those that suffer daily in pain! No one person can help everyone but together we can stop the suffering, pain and homelessness of our nations veterans