Rising Against All Odds Inc. (R.A.A.O.)



pic 120There is a dire need in this community to establish connectedness with our youth, whom are essentially disconnected from reality whilst being connected to a virtual reality. The virtual reality (technology) has replaced families, personal interactions, schools, social skills, teachers, parents or any value system. The youth are brainwashed by everything sensationalized or broadcasted in the media, music or the internet of which they rely heavily on to influence their thoughts, behaviors and actions. There is a critical need to prepare youth for adulthood that hasn't been attained through standard, scholastic curriculum approach. Even those who may thrive academically can lack life skills which are imperative to quality of life. With subjects such as "sexual education" and “health education” having been removed as courses by most public schools, there is limited access to accurate information for the youth to obtain to make informed decisions, within in a supportive setting. The youth need to be privy to information that will influence positive behavior. The concept is by equipping the youth with life skills "abilities for adaptive & positive behavior” which enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Where these factors have been implemented life skills are a contributing factor to decreasing drug abuse, which is currently a crisis in this community. The opiate epidemic is running rampant and an intervention is necessary. We have a generation of non-functional people of which our youth heavily populate. Additional decrease factors where life skills are effective are, alcohol misuse, smoking, teen pregnancy, delinquency, teen violence and suicide. With an improvement in pro-social behavior, stabilization, problem solving, communication, coping skills, emotional adjustment and social anxiety in school performance behavior. R.A.A.O. organization curriculum addresses all the above mentioned subject matters and will meet this community need.

Mission Statement


pic 105As a leading proponent of the cause of enrichment, Rising Against All Odds Inc. is dedicated to elevating the enrichment industry and protecting the welfare of these youth by providing a forum in which the educators of R.A.A.O.’S knowledge and skills are tested and heightened through continuing education and training programs. Where as a leader in setting quality standards for the enrichment of our participants, R.A.A.O will implement a uniform set of standards and practices predicated on safety, ethics and professionalism. The mission of R.A.A.O. is to provide and coordinate comprehensive intervention, stabilization, prevention and advocacy in the best interests of the youth. Our objective is to empower the youth to successfully join society through engagement, development and enrichment services as they prepare to enter adulthood. We will foster a cooperative environment in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We believe in a culture that promotes creativity, teamwork and open expression of ideas as young people need to feel validated.

Our objective is to equip youth ages 13-18 with life skills that are essential for the preparation and transition into adulthood. This program offers a workshop style curriculum that consists of comprehensive, integrated Life Skills education that can enable young people to make responsible choices. The purpose of this program is to promote community, enrichment and development while putting emphasis on and providing youth with life skills. Life skills are an approach to education that encourages the development of skills needed to make responsible choices. The main objective of the life skills program is to promote healthy lifestyles, reintroduce manual thinking in addition to critical thinking. R.A.A.O. will achieve this by introducing and offering a series of work shop based curriculum modules which will include but are not limited to:

Curriculum Modules:

  • Job Readiness/professional Development
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume writing
  • Dress for success
  • Professional etiquette
  • Mavis typing program
  • 5-year career outline/plan
  • Financing/banking
  • Professional guest speakers to do career presentations on career paths etc.

Health/Well-being: Will cover

  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Sex Education
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health

Self Management: Will cover

  • Self esteem
  • Critical thinking
  • Value based decisions
  • Coping- overcoming challenges
  • Adapting to change
  • Self-respect/respect for others
  • Responsibility
  • Self sufficiency
  • Peer leadership
  • Strength identifiers
  • Peer pressure
  • Conflict resolution

Social Skills Development:

  • Dialogue - social, community, environmental and economic issues in open engaging discussions via literature as well as the option to read a book & discuss. Group participation is required.

Social Skills Development:

  • Dialogue - social, community, environmental and economic issues in open engaging discussions via literature as well as the option to read a book & discuss. Group participation is required.

Rising Against All Odds Inc. will be a culture that promotes character building, creativity, team work, open expression of ideas and encourages active involvement from the participants as well as their parents. This will be executed from a unique yet basic standpoint of connectedness by way of teaching them what they desire to learn about life and how to excel within it. The desired outcome is to use this platform as a preventative measure to decrease at risk behavior. The consensus is the youth will achieve self-sufficiency, independence and overall ability in preparation for transition into adulthood and ultimately increase the probability of success to thrive as productive members of society.