The DOD Manor

P. O. Box 2948 – Jacksonville, Florida 32203-2948 Phone (904) 379-5315

Welcome to the DOD Manor
Christian Haven of Hope

Our Mission is to provide a Christian Haven of Hope that assist female ex-offenders seeking shelter at The DOD Manor when they are released from prison.

Offering hope and help through weekly recovery sessions, mentoring, personal development, spiritual enrichment, GED Classes, budgeting workshops and employment resources and referrals. We also provide food, clothing, transportation, hygiene items, training and information necessary to live productive lives in the community and reduce the risk of recidivism.

The DOD Manor receives residents directly from The Florida Department of Corrections Women Prison Facilities. Those seeking housing at The DOD Manor, must complete a detailed application, read, initial and sign a resident agreement; and have a telephone interview with the Executive Director prior to acceptance. The DOD Manor has a very structured program designed to keep the residents focused and work toward short and long term goals.

Residents must be role models in terms of behavior and attitude; display manners such as respect, honesty, responsibility and accountability. This is a home environment, however, there are strict guidelines in place; and compliance is required.

Upon arrival, each resident receives a fully packed Welcome/Hygiene Bag that includes many personal items; and clothing from the onsite clothes closet.

Without the assistance of community-minded individuals, businesses and organizations for support, we would not be able to serve the residents at The DOD Manor. We ask that you make a commitment to become a Sponsor by making a monetary donation. Your generosity will make a difference in our efforts to assist the residents until they are gainfully employed, and help to reduce the rate of women returning back to prison, because of lack of help.

Remember, every donation makes a difference no matter the amount. Your donation is tax deductible; The DOD Manor, Inc. is a Non-Profit – 501(c)3 Ministry.