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What is DearOnlineFriend?

"DearOnlineFriend" is NOT a crisis site.  Should you need emergency medical attention, please call 911 or seek a certified therapist for immediate help!  My service is designed for anyone in need of a genuine, unbiased and compassionate person to listen to your problems, your dreams or even use as a "business idea think tank". Whatever you may need with regards to a lending ear; just know that I am on your side!

So many people have no one to talk to, no one to listen to what they think, feel or want to do with their life  or more times than not, they are just too afraid to talk. Find comfort that you now have your Online Friend!

You might want a kind, caring person to who truly believes in what you are going through and not feel judged! You might also have an idea or have had experienced certain friends that ridiculed you or gave negative feedback to your ideas but just know that it is not a reflection of who you are! Often times this behavior is based on their own set-backs in life and are sometimes jealous that you are doing something about yours or they want to bring you down to their level of sadness. Do not let this happen!! You can do anything you want in life as long as you plan, work hard and try your very best.

DearOnlineFriend will have a "Submit Your Question or Thought" button which will go to my direct DearOnlineFriend email. We will choose the subject and then blog about it.   It will not be an email going directly to you relating to your issue, this type of email will be handled by the membership, which is limited.

Feel free to read the FREE blogs and send in questions or things you want to talk about and we may put them on the blog if others email about the same subject.   No one will see your name or your email and the blog will not mention any names or story.  It’s just a blog of things that have happened, or things people are talking about, something that was read or could be anything that is positive, inspirational and words of encouragement.

Life is hard, but it is short and we must make the most of each day. DearOnlineFriend is a place of inspiration with good, positive mindsets. A place to cause you to think and hopefully along the way, make a difference in your life.  Be happy!  Don't let all the negativity in the world get you down my DearOnlineFriend!.

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Our mission is simply to be here and be your Online Friend.  A place to be able to let go and just talk anonymously without judgment, or putting you down!  Without deterring you from your dreams and thoughts.  There is something special about YOU! There is something special about all of us and our mission is to simply try and be a bright light to your day.