An exceptional brand, exceptional quality inspired by the life and philosophy of the legendary Bob Marley. We are so honored to be able to produce such high-quality timepieces, with each style representing a significant period in the life and ‘times’ of one of the greatest men to have walked this planet.

At Signature Bob we want to offer you the simplicity, elegance, and exceptionalism with every timepiece created. That’s why all of our pieces were handcrafted by skilled watchmakers, using the finest materials and precision craftsmanship.

Although Bob Marley has transitioned for several decades now, his phenomenal music and philosophy still inspire many of us to live life the way it was meant to be.

We, therefore, wanted to capture the spirit of his philosophy and his life in these limited edition pieces. We are certain that the energy and vibe that go into making these watches are positive and will ultimately be transferred to you the customer.

One love!