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On Flathead Television you can get a glimpse of what our area is like in Northwest Montana the gateway to Glacier National Park. Our mission is to promote information, exciting things to do, places to go and sites to see. Dream Big....Dream the best of Big Sky....the Flathead Valley.

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Montana In Her Eyes

Music video produced by Lynne Fleming and Sonny King

Montana Dreams

Dream the Best of the Big Sky

Around The Flathead

Places to Go Sites to see

Winter Fun

Fun In the snow.

Glacier National Park

Our Crown Jewel

Veteran's Memorial

We Shall Never Forget

Cool & Fun

Dragon Boat Races

See What They Are Like

Flathead Lake Monster

It Is Real

Conrad Mansion

Our Great History

Blue Moon Rodeo

Montana Fun!

Great Rafting

The Fun Begins

Hockaday Museum

Art and History

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