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Nevada Lawyers Bring Appeals In Meritorious Cases

When a civil litigation case outcome seems unjust, the question of an appeal may arise. The first step in exploring that possibility is to discuss options with your attorney — or another lawyer. The attorneys at Avalon Legal Group appeal verdicts in their clients’ cases, as well as cases brought by other lawyers.

Reviewing Case Outcomes To Determine Suitability For Appealing Them

Contact the firm to request a case evaluation after an unsatisfactory verdict in a federal civil trial in Nevada over:

Lawyer referrals are welcome.

Once you enlist the assistance of an appellate attorney at our Nevada law firm, we will first evaluate known facts. If the results of the initial screening indicate an appeal may be warranted, a more in-depth inventory may begin. The legal team at the firm will search for flaws in:

  • The original trial’s procedures
  • The legal counsel received
  • The verifiability of information used as evidence in the original trial

If one of our appellate lawyers finds a reason to question the trial outcome, the next step is careful preparation to bring a compelling appeal. In-depth legal research and stellar writing skills are essential for a successful appeal. The attorneys at Avalon Legal Group have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, Nevada Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Nevada. They are vigorous, knowledgeable and determined to succeed when bringing meritorious appeals. They bring genuine intellectual curiosity, talent and perseverance to the task.

Our Firm Appeals Federal Civil Verdicts

The team at Avalon Legal Group welcomes inquiries about appeals from individuals and other lawyers throughout Nevada. To request an initial screening, call (702) 522-6450 or send an email inquiry.

From our law offices in Las Vegas, we bring appeals for clients throughout this region and statewide, in communities and counties such as Henderson and Clark County. Lawyers at the firm speak English, Spanish, Farsi and Russian. Se habla español.