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Representing Individuals And Businesses In General Litigation

General litigation broadly refers to a disagreement between two parties that is brought before a court. The judicial system provides individuals and businesses the opportunity to pursue their legal rights in a wide range of areas. Legal issues can create roadblocks in business or personal life. When disputes arise, legal counsel becomes critical. For best results, consult with an experienced litigator to advise you, research the legal issues and prepare compelling arguments supporting your position.

  • Real estate
  • Business and estate law
  • Personal injury
  • Criminal law.

Litigation is usually begun by the plaintiff filing a summons and complaint. The defendant then must serve his or her answer or otherwise respond to the summons and complaint within the appropriate time. Typically, the next phase of litigation is discovery. Discovery is the process through which documents and information are collected. There are different types of discovery including depositions, requests for production of documents, requests for admission, and interrogatories. If the case proceeds to trial, the parties then present evidence gathered in support of their claims or defenses to a jury or a judge. The attorneys at Avalon Legal Group are experienced in preparing and trying cases and have the knowledge to carefully manage your legal matter from the initial pleadings through the final resolution.

Avalon Legal Group has successfully represented individuals and businesses — both as plaintiffs and defendants — in Nevada, California, and Illinois. Our attorneys have successfully handled litigation on a wide variety of issues of importance to our clients, including:

Avalon Legal Group takes great pride in serving our clients in the legal issues that come up in their lives, providing a one-stop source for many areas of the law.

Avalon Legal Group helps businesses, families, and individuals with all types of general civil litigation in state and federal courts. Call (702) 522-6450 or complete an email intake form. Our firm represents clients throughout the region, in surrounding areas such as Henderson and the Las Vegas area. In addition to English, members of our firm speak Spanish, Farsi and Russian. Se habla español.