Latrobe Luxury Storage Condos

Benefits of Ownership

Reasons why the popularity of luxury storage ownership is exploding:

  • When you purchase your luxury storage condo, you receive a deed, title insurance and all of the perks of a commercial real estate investment.
  • Ownership also allows you to participate in an active real estate asset therefore allowing you the opportunity for capital growth.
  • We've all experienced the never ending rental increases of our storage units. Owning your luxury storage condo freezes your costs at today's rate. In addition, you have the opportunity to enjoy potential appreciation and equity growth.
  • Tax benefits (consult your tax professional)
  • Flexible uses: storage for your RV, classic car, boat, motorcycles... even a quiet office space for you to get work done.
  • Customizable: You can customize your space via the following choices: paint, epoxy floors, a mezzanine level just to name a few.
  • Pride of Ownership: Keep your space just as you want it. No longer sharing the family garage.
  • The availability of a low interest loan