Latrobe Luxury Storage Condos


What size are the condos?

We have two options: 24' x 50' (1,200 Sq Ft) and 24' x 100' (2,400 Sq Ft) w/ 16' x 14' electric garage doors.

Is there security on the property?

A professional management company manages the facility. The property is equipped with a digital video monitoring surveillance system, and an electronic gate with keypad entry & exit. Each condo has its own door alarm integrated with the facilities security system.

Is there internet and/or cable?

Each condo will have CATS wiring for internet and/or phone. Each condo has its own 100AMP power panel so additional electric outlets and lighting can be added.

Will there by a HOA?

Yes. There will be a HOA to ensure the property is maintained to your expectation. Ground maintenance, landscaping, taxes, security/fire monitoring and other amenities, including some repairs will be covered under an HOA fee.

Do the condos come with a bathroom, A/C and/or heating?

The condos have plumbing stubbed out, so you will be able to add A/C, heating and your own bathroom in the design.

Can I stay overnight or longer?

Although you have 24-hour access, spending the night or having an extended stay is not permitted.

Can I bring other people to my condo?

Of course, you can. Everyone on the property is subject to the property rules and standards as described in the owner's association guidelines.

Can I work out of my condo?

Ideally the condos are intended for custom storage spaces, but you can certainly do work in your condo with some exceptions. Creating dust, omitting pollutants, excessive noise or working with hazardous or flammable equipment will not be permitted. If you're using the space for business and the operation has no impact on the facility or other owners experience, that is an acceptable use. Refer to the HOA guidelines or CC&R's for details on use requirements.

Can I customize my condo?

Yes. There are many customization options available. You can add a Mezzanine Loft, bathroom, cabinets, epoxy floors, sheet rock and more. It's your condo, design it as you wish.