Bamboo Health Care Organization


Bamboo Healthcare Organization

New non-profit, state of the art, medical teaching hospital to be built in the northern countryside of Haiti.


Please support our efforts to help improve the health and lives of the children and women of Haiti. In the northern section of Haiti, with a population of millions, there is a great need for a medical center that can serve the public. The need is great, but the access is vastly limited. In an effort to fill this healthcare gap, the passionate and compassionate pediatrician, Garry Durosier, MD is on a mission to significantly make a change. Therefore, your help is needed.

Many of us in the USA are concerned about the current and future healthcare system of our country. Despite all the challenges, consider the fact that in other countries such as our Caribbean neighbor Haiti, the mortality rate for children and pregnant women is unfortunately high. Due to lack of availability of proper care and financial limitations of families, children and women die needlessly from preventable ailments and curable diseases. Malnourishment and disease is reducing the quality of life for the most vulnerable.

The CHPMA (Centre Hospitalier Pediatrique et Maternité Avancé) is a state of the art, non-profit medical center, that is designed to meet to our healthcare objectives. An architectural design of the hospital has already been developed and the only thing that is holding back implementation is financing.

Imagine that your efforts could significantly improve the lives of others! Consider that your support will actually contribute to saving lives! This is our mission. Please join us to make this a reality.
Ways you can support this non-profit endeavor:

  • Spread the word
  • Volunteer
  • Donate


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